Why Use Bluehost For Hosting

Bluehost has been in operation for over a decade, and in the web hosting business that is a long time. Every firm has to start somewhere, and so do you, but why begin with a company whose reputation is untried? Begin with a reliable firm; one that receives high ratings from users according to unbiased websites and reviewers. Start with Bluehost.

Who Is Bluehost?

This US hosting firm is one of the leaders in their field. They have even contributed to some of the ideas that make web hosting what it is today. Their goal is to make the worldwide web accessible to as many people as possible, even people who think it is too complicated for them. From their base in Utah, Bluehost also offers affordable hosting so that small companies and bloggers can find a way in. According to reviews, this is the group they are best for; bloggers and small businesses. These clients account for a significant proportion of their millions of happy clients on the internet.

WordPress Commitment

WordPress offers one of the simplest and the most popular platforms for website building the world over. Many major corporations and organizations have built their websites from WordPress templates, adopting WordPress themes, adding plug-ins, and they rely on firms such as Bluehost to get them on the web. Bluehost believes WordPress is great and they even employ a dedicated WordPress team to help their clients make the most of this technology.

Bluehost also believes Open Source is important. This is a website and internet building which involves an entire community, not a closed team. When code writers from around the globe come together to make the internet better, they take ownership, and they also share a wealth of ideas that everyone gets to benefit from. Bluehost works with these developers on projects like WordPress and more.

Web Family

Bluehost joined Endurance International Group in 2010, becoming part of a larger corporate family. Having a parent company to back you up is actually good for everyone in many ways, one of which is financial. With backers from Endurance, Bluehost employees are freer to innovate than some smaller firms which have to be very careful about their bottom line.

Hosting Flexibility

There is a plan for every client at Bluehost. They offer shared hosting, VPS, WordPress specific services, dedicated hosting, and plans for cloud-computing-imageresellers as well. Shared hosting starts at just under $4 monthly and offers the following features. A domain manager enables clients to keep track of domains from a single location if you operate more than one. Create as many email accounts as you want and make use of features such as filters, supported IMAP, secure POP3, and spam defense. Bluehost automatically backs up your files every day, every week, and each month. All data can be restored easily even if it seems lost. Protect data and also resources. Bluehost is able to recognize websites which use too many resources so that they can be isolated instead of overloading a shared server. This prevents crashing, so uptime and security are maximized. That means a lot to the reputation of your business site. Scale your needs as a firm grows too, adding more options to accommodate growing data and a developing set of consumer expectations.

From the business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Bluehost provides your complete web hosting solution. View a listing of what they offer below or try their services for yourself by accessing their online demo site.

More Reasons to Choose Bluehost

Competition is fierce in this industry, luckily bluehost promo codes exsist. And Bluehost knows you need a good reason to choose them over the others, so here are some more reasons to arrange web hosting with this tried and tested professional services. They offer 24/7/365 service. Support is quick and able to answer a variety of different concerns and difficulties. Tech teams here prefer to keep things simple with 1-click script installations, for instance. Their servers are fast too.

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