Why Use A2 Hosting

Every web hosting company promises to be fast. Some claim to be “the fastest” although they leave that statement vague enough, so you don’t know exactly how they classify that claim. A2 Hosting also claims to be fast; lightning fast.

About A2 Hostinga2-hosting

The people behind Michigan’s A2 Hosting decided they would only offer service they would wish to receive. If they wouldn’t pay for it or something was lacking, the company would simply make it better until web hosting services were up to snuff with their own high standards. That is why A2 Hosting is very fast, they offer round-the-clock support from real experts, their uptime is excellent, and they provide the best developer tools. Okay, that’s the company in their own words.

What Do Reviews Say?

Many writers claim this web hosting service is the fastest for shared hosting. That is the qualifier; do not assume that A2 Hosting is top among all service providers in every way or that they will provide the best VPS or Dedicated hosting speeds. What they offer is excellence all-around, maybe not always the absolute top, but great performance and high ratings, especially where customer service is concerned. They make it to the top-ten at least on many charts, and that’s pretty good given the fact there are dozens of web hosts available, and they use SSD, not CDN.

A2 Hosting Details

You heard right: A2 Hosting uses what they call “High-Performance SwiftServers” which are SSD servers they spend a lot of time improving during the working day. Their own engineers try to make A2 better on a regular basis. This team of experts, the same people who respond to customer service calls, is known as the Guru Crew with more than ten years of experience. A2 Hosting’s Turbo Servers are optional but affordable and load 20 times faster than the competition.

A2 Stresses Support

Maybe you think speed is what they’re proudest of, but A2 makes a big deal about customer service. The topic is raised again and again: they want to help you, and they think this is the way it should be. Receive reliable, patient support; the kind you need when you don’t understand the internet very well.


The Guru Crew is reliable, but so is uptime, averaging 99.9% according to independent reviews and the firm’s site. That is excellent for SSD servers and shared networks where traffic surges can sometimes cause problems.

Develop Features

A2 is also for developers because that’s who started A2 in 2003, a bunch of developers. They keep on doing what they have always loved, and the idea is for others with the same passion to feel able to do the same. They offer server rewind backups for free and QuickInstaller on virtual servers. Accounts for developers feature a wide variety of tools. These change as technology yields interesting changes you might like to try. Let the team know if something is lacking, so they can get it for you. Right now, they offer PHP 5.3 to 5.6 or 7.0, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.4, and three versions of Python.

FutureServe Green Hosting

From the start, A2 has sought to offer environmentally friendly service. Their headquarters in Ann Arbor Michigan reflect this strong value: the town is also known as Tree Town with thousands of trees and over 100 parks. As a partner with Carbonfund.org, the company is doing their part in the war against climate change. For a decade, they have been involved in tree planting, renewable energy, and other measures which make them one of the most “green” web hosting companies in the United States.

Plans for Partners

Become a subscriber and pay as littles as $3.92 per month for the most basic of services. That still includes top-rate customer service, and Turbo service (the really fast plan) is only three times that price for shared hosting clients. A2 also offers VPS and Dedicated hosting, WordPress, and Reseller plans. Find out about email hosting, managed hosting, and the Cloud. Search for A2 hosting coupon codes as well, to save while you host!

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