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Do you love your sports team so much you have their logo tattooed on your ankle? Are you more interested in team stats than world news or even family birthdays? Fansedge was designed for fans like you; a shop started to serve sporting fanatics. If you can’t be without clothing that shows your sporting colors, then shop at Fansedge, an online supplier of clothing for followers, not players. This is one of the few places where sitting on the sidelines is encouraged.

A Boutique for Fans

fansedge_logoThat is exactly what they call themselves at Fansedge. They shy away from the idea of fanaticism and refer, instead, to the way individuals express themselves. People learn a lot about a person by the clothes they wear, their favorite colors, and they certainly know if you’re a fan of the Panthers or the Kings by the hues you wear on hockey night.

While showing one’s team spirit influences the way you dress, you also want to be stylish. Online stores enable consumers to look good and stay current without breaking the bank, leaving money for important things like season’s tickets to home matches and the occasional away game. Stop by if you know of someone who wants a jersey for her birthday. Give a gift you know will please.

One of a Kind

Fansedge provides an exclusive catalog of goods including limited edition clothes and accessories. They work with the likes of New Era, Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas to bring you only the best, most high-quality items. They are not just for show but are sturdy clothes one can wear in real life without fearing they will fall apart after a single season. Wear them to work, to school, or to play sports with friends.

Advocating for Fans

Fansedge actually wants a relationship with you. Tell them what you want from the store. If they can add anything or serve your needs better, let them know. Most leagues and teams are represented, but could they offer a product that is not easy to get anywhere else without traveling overseas? The only way to know is to ask their customer service team.

Flat Shipping

Most companies offer free shipping after you spend a certain amount of money, before which it costs a lot. At Fansedge, they prefer to keep the matter simple. Pay just $4.99 no matter what. Buy a little or a lot; it will always cost the same. They also back their products with a one-year return policy for items in their original condition. You get a refund, not a store credit. That is rare enough, but what about their unconditional guarantee that you will be satisfied with Fansedge products? If, for some reason, you are not happy, report the problem and receive a $10 certificate as an act of good faith that you will try them once more. Let Fansedge prove themselves worthy of your support. Become a fan of Fansedge.

Secure Online Shopping

It is one thing to trust a business, but another to trust the web. There are a lot of scams out there; many ways for fraudsters to take your credit card details or harm your computer. Fansedge is an e-commerce site protected effectively from vandalism, fraud, and theft. They offer you secure shopping with SSL technology so you can trust the company with your details. Find out what’s on offer in the “sale” section. Or, get to use a Fansedge promo code.

Brands and Products at Fansedge.com

Every major team in the United States is here, plus many Canadian teams like the Calgary Flames, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Vancouver Canucks. AC Milan, AS Roma, Lille, and Swansea soccer fans can satisfy their search for team shirts and hats. Purchase surfing related gear, MMA clothes, or promote Olympic spirit. United States teams are strongly represented including college clubs. Promote a city, support your home team, adopt a player, or even wax lyrical about a bygone era with your choice of clothing, bedding, or baby bib for the little fan in your family.

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