Finding Deals At Under Armour

What would be the best thing you could find at a second-hand store? Would it be a brand new Under Armour shirt in your size with the tags still on for $15? That would be amazing, but it’s unlikely. Deals like that only come along to people who trawl thrift stores regularly, and that’s time-consuming. You want to play sports, not shop, but you would still prefer to play in comfort. That’s what Under Armour is all about; sporting performance and comfort. Here is a better idea for saving money: go directly to Under Armour and find sales there.


Stay in Touch with Under Armour


Online stores encourage people to sign up for their newsletters. You may have done that with a lot of websites and regretted it. Certain firms only send emails when a new deal or promotion comes up; maybe once every season. Others bombard subscribers with information. If it were not for the “unsubscribe” button, you would change your email address. Subscribing to these newsletters has its advantages, though, as is the case with Under Armour.

Advantages to Subscribing

One is that a firm often provides a discount to clients who sign up. It’s a one-time deal, something like 10% off of the first order, but worth having. Second is that newsletters inform readers of upcoming sales and promotions. If you had not received the email, how would you have known that free shipping was available for one week or one day only without following a store on their Facebook page?

Remaining connected via social media is another way to stay on top of sales. They are not always advertised in general media. Besides, with social media feeds, you learn about giveaways which can only be taken advantage of by “liking” a firm or posting a picture on Instagram.

All this to say that Under Armour does the same things. This innovative sports clothing firm sends out email alerts telling subscribers to stop by and take advantage of savings. Sign up and learn when the big sales are on, when certain items are being promoted or phased out, and learn when a new item is being launched with a special deal. Enjoy all the advantages of shopping from home at your own convenience without feeling the need to press “unsubscribe.”

Visit the Clearance Section

At Under Armour, this clearance spot is their “outlet” section. In the world of physical shopping, outlet malls are like warehouses where people can actually rummage in search of really low prices, even deals on “seconds,” and save 70% compared with shopping at a nice store. A “nice” store would be smaller, clothes would all be neatly folded, lighting would be lovely, and flooring would be softer. In a warehouse store, floors and lighting are hard, cold, and cheap. Clerks can’t keep up with activity, so clothes are not always neatly folded. Online shoppers don’t deal with the same level of disorder, but they take advantage of warehouse pricing and overstock.

End of Season

A lot of items in the “Outlet” section at Under Armour were moved here from the regular catalog because a new season of clothing is coming in, so they have to make room. This is sports clothing for next year; still good, but potentially not as good as whatever Under Armour plans to invent in time for next season. A smart shopper knows that those changes, while beneficial to the professional athlete, don’t make a big difference to the amateur. Last season’s technology will do just fine. There are outlet malls you can visit to experience the thrill of the hunt if that’s how you feel. Since that cuts into team time, however, I would argue that the Outlet section at Under Armour is a better bet.


Keep an eye on promotional websites where promo and Under Armour coupon codes are listed. They also direct shoppers to sales they weren’t expecting or to free-shipping offers. Find an Under Armour promotion and save money from your chair.

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